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It is an unpleasant fact that our legal system is not perfect. Any number of things can go wrong a judge can make an error, a juror can behave against instructions, the prosecutor can introduce tainted evidence. While some of these are addressed during the trial, others are not. The trial should be reviewed and revisited for errors of law. The court system in Illinois makes allowances for this revision with its three-tiered system.

The circuit court tries the facts it is the criminal trial you expect. The second layer is the appellate court system, which reviews the judgment of the circuit court. In some very limited cases, the Supreme Court will review the appellate court decision. If you or your attorney believes that there were errors in your Illinois circuit court trial that wrongfully led to your conviction, it is in your best interest to discuss the matter with the criminal appeals attorneys at Donahue & Sowa.

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At Donahue & Sowa, we have done extensive criminal appeals work in Illinois. Our criminal appeals attorneys have appeared in the Illinois appellate courts and before the Illinois Supreme Court. Two of our appeals attorneys Mr. Donahue and Mr. Sowa are also certified by the Capital Litigation Bar to try death penalty cases.

As one of the oldest firms devoted to criminal law in Illinois, Donahue & Sowa offers effective representation in all felonies and misdemeanors, including homicide, sex crimes, and white collar crimes.

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If you or your attorney believes there were significant errors in your Illinois circuit court trial, contact an experienced criminal appeals attorney at Donahue & Sowa at either our Naperville or Geneva office to discuss your appeal.

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