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Domestic Violence can often call to mind a very specific image – a husband abusing his wife, or something similar. However, domestic abuse is not something that only happens among married adults. Many individuals can find themselves the victim of domestic abuse, including adolescents. If you believe that your partner is abusing you, or you are a parent or guardian of a teenager and believe they are being abused or being accused of abuse, it is important to familiarize yourself with the domestic violence laws in Illinois to understand your rights, obligations, and potential ramifications of these charges.

Teen Dating Abuse Is a Problem in Illinois

A 2009 study reported that almost one in five adolescents in Chicago had experienced violence in their relationship during the twelve months preceding the study. This abuse includes being hit, slapped, or purposefully hurt. In an attempt to address this issue, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn amended the Critical Health Problems and Comprehensive Education Act” to provide age-appropriate education regarding teen relationship violence starting in seventh grade and to ensure that victims of abusive relationships are able to have a safe place to finish their education.

Domestic Violence is Always a Serious Offense

Whether relationship violence is taking place between two married adults, two family members who share a household, or two teens in a romantic relationship, it is always considered abuse and it is always a crime. A conviction for domestic violence can be very serious, carrying penalties that could include fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record. If your teenager is convicted of such an offense, it could affect his or her educational and employment prospects for the rest of their life.

When a teenager is accused of a crime such as domestic violence, it is important to act quickly. You need to seek guidance from a law firm that understands the ins and outs of both domestic violence issues as well as the juvenile court system to ensure that you are pursuing the best course of action for your unique situation. What may seem like a spat between a high school girlfriend and boyfriend can quickly become much more, leaving lasting effects on both parties.

At the Law Office of Glenn M. Sowa, LLC, we have defended clients of all ages and from every walk of life who have found themselves facing charges of domestic abuse. If you are concerned about teen dating abuse and someone you care about, contact us today. We serve clients throughout Illinois including St. Charles, Naperville, Will, Kane, and Cook Counties.

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