Drug courts & Alternatives to Imprisonment

Some drug crime sentences allow for alternatives to incarceration. To find out how to utilize your best legal options, call the Law Office of Glenn M. Sowa, LLC.

For some offenders, options such as drug courts, rehabilitation and diversion programs may allow individuals to engage in activities that do not involve imprisonment. These programs focus on rehabilitation and reducing the likelihood that a person will re-offend, easing the burden of caseloads on the criminal justice system.

If you're facing drug charges, speak to a drug crime defense attorney these options. You may be able to earn a second chance and avoid jail or prison time.

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Because many drug-related offenders struggle with substance abuse issues, drug courts give defendants a chance to avoid the traditional criminal justice system by engaging in medical treatment, drug testing and counseling. Individuals may also be required to address any other issues they may be facing that may interfere with their ability to quit using drugs or alcohol.

Studies have shown that drug courts are an effective and cheaper alternative to incarceration for offenders. While the scope of different drug courts may vary, most focus on allowing defendants to work at becoming productive members of society.

To learn more about drug courts, diversion programs and your best legal options, contact a drug crime defense lawyer with the skill and experience needed to convince a prosecutor and judge that you would benefit from an alternative program.

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