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If an individual has property connected to illegal activities, the property is subject to forfeiture and seizure by the government. While it may be an effective deterrent for some criminals, it may also result in innocent people losing their property and belongings.

Have you had to forfeit property in connection with a drug crime or other illegal offense? You may have options, including the possible full recovery of your property. Call the Law Office of Glenn M. Sowa, LLC at 630-232-1780 or contact us online today to learn about your best options.

The government has a wide authority to seize property, but you do have defense options against forfeitures.

If a crime involves property that was used to commit the illegal act, was purchased from money obtained from the crime or is illegal to possess itself, it may be seized by law enforcement. Once an individual is convicted of a crime, the government has the right to take the property in question.

Property may also be subject to forfeiture for civil purposes, which means that the government takes action on the property instead of the defendant. This allows for property to be seized without a conviction. Most forfeitures occur through civil actions, allowing police to use the proceeds to buy equipment and build facilities, among other things.

If your property has been forfeited, either through civil or criminal action, there are legal options that have been designed to protect the innocent. To learn more, consult with an experienced drug crime defense lawyer today.

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