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Federal drug crimes are serious and carry harsh penalties. You need an experienced drug crime defense attorney.

The federal government has a scale rating the severity of drug offenses depending on the substance involved. The scale breaks controlled substances into five schedules, or categories, ranging from Schedule I (the most serious) to Schedule V (the least serious). The feds also have laws regulating the possession, unauthorized manufacture and distribution of controlled substances.

Through the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, Congress defined certain drug crimes, including drug trafficking, conspiracy, manufacturing, possession and several others. To further complicate things, these offenses may also include federal tax law violations, which carry additional penalties.

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Facing federal charges can be a frightening experience.

There is a lot at risk for an individual facing federal drug charges, including a long prison sentence. The federal government has set sentencing guidelines for drug offenses, based on if a weapon was used during the crime, the individual's prior criminal record and whether or not the crime caused injury to another person. In addition, if the crime took place near a school or involved minors, the penalties may be heavier.

Drug crimes have the potential to be charged both federally and at the state level. You need a drug crime defense attorney who knows how to litigate each and every aspect of your case to get you the best outcome possible.

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