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Drug crimes are usually serious offenses, especially if they involve minors or large volumes of substances. Depending on the case, a conviction could mean imprisonment, probation, court-ordered drug treatment programs and property forfeitures. While the most serious cases, such as manufacture and distribution, yield more severe penalties, even smaller cases might result in harsh consequences for those involved.

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Drug crimes may have state or federal implications. Make sure you're protected.

The federal government has a scale rating the severity of drug offenses depending on the substance involved. The scale breaks controlled substances into five schedules, or categories, ranging from Schedule I (the most serious) to Schedule V (the least serious). The feds also have laws regulating the possession, unauthorized manufacture and distribution of controlled substances.

Schedule I substances include those that do not have an accepted medical use and are highly abused, such as marijuana and heroin. Schedule V, on the other hand, are drugs such as cough medicines that are not widely abused and are used mostly for medical purposes.

Penalties set by individual states may be more flexible and less severe than those for federal crimes. However, it's important to note that even smaller crimes, like possession of marijuana, could carry serious legal consequences, especially if the person involved has a prior criminal record.

If you're facing drug charges, you need an experienced drug crime defense attorney. Speak to one as soon as possible to get your case going in the right direction.

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Drug cases involve a lot of questions, such as whether or not law enforcement legally obtained evidence under search and seizure laws. Drug courts are another option, allowing offenders to enter treatment and rehabilitation as an alternative to incarceration.

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