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Prosecutors have a lot of power in drunk driving cases. For your best legal options, consult with a DUI/DWI defense attorney as soon as possible.

Prosecutors are lawyers who represent the government and have the task of bringing criminal charges against defendants, as well as defend its side of the case in court.

Prosecuting attorneys are usually highly experienced, especially when it comes to drunk driving, DUI and DWI cases. Make sure you have an even playing field by consulting with a skilled and experienced DUI defense attorney with years of experience litigating impaired driving cases.

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Once the police have made an arrest or citation, the prosecutor will examine the case to see if it is worth pursuing further legal action. Using his or her expertise, a decision will be made to either formally charge or drop the case completely. This all depends on the evidence involved, the policy considerations and the likelihood of conviction.

Prosecutors are driven not to win cases, but to act in the public's interest. As a result, they don't always chose to pursue charges against those who would benefit most from alternatives to incarceration, such as treatment and diversion programs.

If a DUI case goes to trial, the prosecutor must prove that the drunk driving charge is warranted beyond a reasonable doubt using evidence and witnesses, including the arresting officer. The prosecutor also recommends sentencing if the defendant is convicted.

If you're facing the possibility to going to court over DUI, DWI or other impaired driving charges, you need to consult with an experienced DUI defense attorney as soon as possible to get your case moving in the right direction.

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