Archive, March 2012.

Too many lawyers, either not trained to try cases or lacking the motivation to do so, tend to accept plea agreements that not only put their clients in jail, but also assure them of life of conflict and stigma----because of lifetime registration requirements. These are issues that can be avoided by going to trial, or, at least, by the prosecution knowing that you are willing to go to trial. Lifetime sex registration is a life sentence. Fight for your client's interests and avoid it at all costs.

For young and inexperienced criminal defense lawyers, a bond modification hearing can be an important learning experience. The bond hearing should not be treated in a perfunctory manner. After all, it can mean the difference between freedom and complete detention. Lawyers handling these hearings must understand that there may be only one opportunity to reduce a bond, and it must be done right. One fundamental error is to conduct a hearing, not knowing what the prosecution's evidence is going to be. Even though you may not be privy to formal discovery, most experienced prosecutors will give …