Be Wary of These Red Flags When Choosing a Lawyer

criminal defense lawyer, choosing a lawyer, criminal defense case, criminal defense strategy, criminal court caseWhen you are facing a criminal charge, one of the first things you should do is to start working with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. In your anxiety over the charge, it can be easy to just work with the first lawyer you meet, or the least expensive lawyer. But this can cost you in the long run in a lot of different ways. You could end up with a larger bill than you initially anticipated or a subpar defense strategy that leads to your conviction.

Shop around before you choose a lawyer to represent your case. Be on the lookout for red flags and use these to narrow down your list.

Any Guarantees About Your Case

The only guarantee a lawyer can make about your case is that he or she will work hard on your behalf. Your lawyer cannot guarantee any specific outcome; so, if your lawyer tells you he or she will get a certain ruling from the court, run. Your lawyer is lying to you; even the most skilled lawyers cannot guarantee specific court results.

Your Lawyer is Unresponsive

You are paying your lawyer a lot of money to handle your case. If your phone calls and emails go unanswered for days, ask yourself if you really want that lawyer to handle your defense. You should feel comfortable and confident in your relationship with your lawyer, and if he or she does not respond to your inquiries, it can be impossible to build the type of relationship you need.

No Clear Quote for the Lawyer’s Services

Your lawyer should be upfront about what his or her services will cost you. If your lawyer gives a vague quote, refuses to explain the specific expenses that comprise his or her quote, includes surcharges for nominal actions like copying documents, or your contract includes fees that were not discussed during your initial fee agreement, work with another lawyer. The right lawyer for your case is a professional who can discuss all financial aspects of his or her services up front and in full detail.

Unhappy, Inadequate, or a Constantly Changing Staff

The service you receive depends not just on your lawyer, but on his or her support staff. Look for signs the staff are unhappy, including a high turnover rate. This can mean the lawyer does not treat staff fairly or that the workload in the office is inappropriate. If the lawyer treats his or her staff poorly, you can expect he or she will treat you poorly as well. An inadequately staffed office can mean a lack of resources, which can mean less support for your case.

Work with an Experienced Naperville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Choosing the right defense lawyer to handle your case is critical to your future liberty. Contact our team of experienced Naperville criminal defense lawyers at Law Office of Glenn M. Sowa, LLC today to set up your initial consultation with us, during which we can help you determine the most effective way for you to move forward with your case. Remember, it is always worth your time to shop around for the right lawyer to handle your case.