Can Your Juvenile Records Be Expunged?

St.Charles Juvenile Crimes LawyerIf you were arrested or convicted of any crimes as a minor, then you may qualify for juvenile expungement. Although not all crimes can be expunged, juvenile expungement will wipe your record clean of any crime you committed as a minor. The public will not be able to see these crimes, giving you a clean slate for adulthood. Your juvenile record may still be available to some government organizations or to employers in certain industries, such as law enforcement, education, childcare, or the healthcare industry. Most employers will not have access to the follies of your youth, enabling you to find quality employment.

How to Begin the Process

You will need to get copies of your juvenile records and ensure that all the cases are closed. Then, you and your attorney can review the documents and determine whether your records can be expunged. If so, there are forms that can be filled out and filed with the Circuit Clerk.

To expunge a Class A misdemeanor or felony, it must have been at least two years since the case ended, including the subsequent sentence and probation, if applicable. If you were found guilty of first-degree murder or a felony sex offense, those charges cannot be expunged. If you were convicted of crimes in another state, they would not qualify for expungement in Illinois.

There are multiple forms from which to choose, and your attorney can inform you of the proper one to use. The choices are as follows:

  • Request to Expunge Juvenile Records.
  • Additional Juvenile Records (for use if you had more than six cases)
  • Notice of Filing for Juvenile Expungement
  • Additional Notice for Juvenile Expungement
  • Additional Arresting Agencies
  • Order to Expunge Juvenile Records

Contact an Experienced Naperville Expungement Attorney 

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