Child Pornographer in Custody

In an article published in The Naperville Sun, a man was arrested and charged with possessing child pornography. John E. Conrad, of the 4100 block of Joe Willie Drive in Naperville is free on $500,000 bail stemming from his arrest where he is accused of having pornographic images of children ranging in age from preschool to teenage, stored on his home computer.

In records obtained from the Will County Circuit Court in Joliet, a recent former resident of Washington State, Conrad faces two felony charges of aggravated child pornography possession as well as one count of child pornography possession, one count of unlawful use of encryption, and one count of possession of a firearm without a valid owner’s identification card.
After learning that John Conrad was sharing pornographic files showing underage children with others online, an investigation of Mr. Conrad began. Sergeant John Westlove said that the investigation was conducted by the Computer Crimes Unit of the Naperville Police Department. “Conrad had been allegedly sharing images that showed children as young as toddlers to teenagers.” Sgt. Westlove said. The Crime Unit began it’s investigation last fall and began monitoring Conrad. A search warrant was issued for the personal computer in Conrad’s home. After serving the search warrant at Conrad’s home, Westlove and the Naperville police discovered that he used programs meant to encrypt and hide the child pornography on his computer’s hard drive. Although Sgt. Westlove stated that evidence had been obtained, the quantity and/or types of images were not divulged.
John E. Conrad is to be arraigned on June 27.
Possession of Child Pornography is a felony with serious repercussions if convicted. Please contact our Naperville criminal defense lawyers if you or a loved one is accused of this type of crime.