Cicero Man Held for Attempted Rape and Robbery Faces Additional Charges

Vidal Rainey, 23 of Cicero who is currently in Cook County Jail for attempted rape and robbery, now has additional assault charges being held against him, The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.
Chicago Police state that Rainey is being charged with one count of aggravated battery against a police officer, on count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse with a weapon, one count of sexual assault with a firearm, and five counts of felony robbery.  These charges come after Rainey was arrested for allegedly attempting 10 rapes and robberies of Chicago area women.
In one attack on July 30, 2012 Rainey attacked a woman on North Binghan Street.  He took out a gun and ordered her to drop her phone before attempting to rob her of her cash.  Unfortunately the woman had no cash.  Rainey then demanded the woman’s ATM card and PIN number.  After taking the card, he then attempted a sexual assault.  The woman was able to resist the attack and Rainey fled, said Chicago Police.  Not soon after, he tried to use the victim’s ATM card on North Pulaski Road.
A series of investigations began involving crimes against women in the area, during which Chicago Police developed a strong lead.  From victim and witness statements they deterimined that the assailant was driving a silver Pontiac during the attacks.  Certain attacks happened to be caught on surveillance cameras helping the police identify the vehicle.
Fingerprint information was taken from the  car, leading to Vidal Rainey’s arrest.  A photo array of suspects was produced by police and Rainey was positively identified.   Rainey was charged in 10 cases that happened between the Humboldt Park and Wicker Park areas after having been arrested for his assault on the woman in Logan Square.
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