DuPage County Heroin Epidemic

Naperville heroin epidemic, Naperville drug crime defense, illegal narcotics, drug bust, heroin smuggling ringFederal law enforcement agents recently announced the break up of an extensive Mexico-to-Illinois heroin smuggling ring. The bust yielded 190 kilograms of heroin as well as the apprehension of 19 suspects—three of which were from Aurora.

Several warehouses in Naperville, St. Charles, and Sugar Grove had been used by the suspects to store and unload their illegal narcotics. The drugs were sold across the Chicagoland area, including the western suburbs.

Federal officials did not comment on the monetary value of the heroin that was seized; however, heroin prices have fluctuated in recent years. In 2014, heroin was worth $65,000 a kilogram. Therefore, that would make the recent bust worth $12.4 million. 

The operation, which was codenamed “Operation Over the Top,” was a massive investigation that spanned over a year. A “stash house” was raided in Bensenville, along with a home in Hanover Park. The ring was highly sophisticated with an extraordinary amount of resources available to both intimidate witnesses and avoid law enforcement officials. 

Three members of the same family, all living in Aurora, Illinois, were arrested as integral associates of the drug ring. It is alleged that they were responsible for storing the heroin—drugs that they received from hidden compartments inside semi-tractor-trailers. Authorities believe they would swap the drugs out with money and then send the money filled trailers back to Mexico. 

Naperville, IL Drug Crime Defense

Being charged with a drug crime in Illinois is an extremely serious allegation. You can be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. A drug crime conviction can have far reaching consequences in your life. Moreover, you may additionally be excluded from certain government programs, denied access to housing, or have to disclose your criminal background to gain employment. Therefore, if you have been accused of a drug crime in Illinois, it is essential that you discuss your case with a lawyer who has the background defending against allegations of this nature.

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