Fighting for Custody While Facing Drug Charges in Illinois

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When a child has been exposed to drugs or witnessed drug use by their parent or caregiver, the adults involved may be charged with child abuse or neglect. Child endangerment may also extend to infants who have been born with drugs in their systems. Child abuse or neglect can include any of the following scenarios:

  • Drugs are being manufactured with a child present or in a child’s home;
  • Drugs are being sold or given to a minor;
  • Minors are present during the sale or sharing of drugs between adults;
  • Caregivers are under the influence of drugs and cannot properly care for a child; and
  • Drug manufacturing ingredients are being used or stored with a child present.

Child Abuse and Neglect in Illinois

Drug-related child abuse involves an adult caregiver, whether it is a parent or other household member, or even a babysitter, using, selling, or manufacturing drugs in the child’s presence or where the child lives. This does not mean only inside of the home, but also in the garage, other outbuildings, or anywhere on the property. 

Child neglect is based on a child not being given proper care, whether it be food, supervision, medical treatments, shelter, or any other necessary part of child rearing. Often in drug cases, this is due to a parent or other caregiver being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Neglect charges can also be brought against a mother if her newborn infant has tested positive for drugs.

Aggravated child endangerment is even more serious, as it involves abuse that has resulted in extensive physical harm to or the death of a child. This may result in as much as 30 years in prison and fines of up to $100,000. 

How Do Drug Charges Affect Child Custody?

Any of the situations described above can result in felony charges. How your charges affect your custody can vary, depending on the offense, whether you are convicted, and if (or how severely) your child was affected. It is imperative you secure a skilled attorney, not only to deal with your drug charges but also to help protect custody or visitation of your children.

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