How to Fight Drugged Driving Charges in Illinois

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Just like an alcohol DUI, it is against the law in Illinois to be under the influence of any drug while operating a motor vehicle. In Illinois, a person convicted of drugged driving can face serious consequences. 

What is Drugged Driving?

If a person is pulled over or is involved in an accident, and it is discovered they are impaired by a prescription or illegal narcotic through field sobriety, breath, or blood test, it is considered a DUI. This includes legal medical marijuana cardholders who display signs of impairment or who fail a blood test.

Other than cannabis, any drug or combination of drugs and alcohol that causes a driver to be unable to drive safely constitutes a DUI. If the driver refuses to submit to a chemical test, their driver’s license may be revoked or suspended for a longer duration than if they fail a sobriety test.

What Is the Punishment for Drugged Driving?

A conviction for a first or second DUI is a Class A misdemeanor in Illinois. A first conviction can bring a minimum license revocation of one year, while a second may result in five days of imprisonment and license suspension of five years. Any subsequent DUI is classified as an aggravated DUI and is charged as a felony, with more severe punishments. 

Charges also intensify if there are other extenuating circumstances involved. This includes if there is a passenger under the age of 16 in the vehicle, if the DUI occurs in a school zone, if it results in an accident with injury or death, or if the driver has no auto insurance.

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