How to Spend Your Time in Jail or Prison Productively

Naperville criminal defense lawyer, time in prison, criminal defense strategy, life after prison, life in prisonEven with the most effective criminal defense strategy possible, you could find yourself heading to jail or prison. This is just something you need to accept. If you are sentenced to serving time in jail or prison, there are ways you can use your time behind bars productively. Below are tips that will not only help you pass the time you spend in jail or prison, but will help you to prepare for life after your release.

Educate Yourself

In prison, there are usually opportunities to take academic and vocational courses to learn new skills and build your existing skills. In jail, you could find these opportunities, but they are generally less extensive in jail than they are in prison.

If you determine an organized course is not for you, or if you want to supplement your classroom education, you can take books out of the facility’s library for some self-directed learning. You can also have loved ones send you books that interest you. Keeping your mind busy while incarcerated can help to keep you from feeling complacent.

Build New Relationships

It is important to become familiar with the other inmates in your facility. These are the people you will see every day for the length of your sentence. They will be your support network and you will be part of theirs. Take time to brush up on prison etiquette to prepare to build relationships with your new cohorts.

Rebuild Old Ones

Going to jail or prison will change your existing relationships. If you want to rebuild the relationships with friends and loved ones with whom you have fallen out of touch, you can rebuild those relationships through letters. Rekindling old relationships is a personal choice. For many prisoners who struggled with addiction and involvement in criminal activities, rebuilding these relationships through letters is a form of therapy.

Prepare for Life After Incarceration

The courses offered in jail and prison are not just to keep you busy. They are to help you prepare for life after you are released. Choose courses based on the skills you want to develop because these are the skills that will help you succeed in a career later.

Success requires more than just vocational skills. If you struggle with addiction or mental health difficulties, use your time incarcerated to address them with the prison counselor and others on staff. They are there to help you develop the skills you need to be successful and avoid being incarcerated again in the future.

Work with an Experienced Naperville Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you are accused of a criminal offense, the first thing you should do is contact an experienced Naperville criminal defense lawyer to start developing your legal defense strategy. The right strategy can keep you out of jail or prison or, when this is not possible, reduce the length of time you will serve. Contact our team at Law Office of Glenn M. Sowa, LLC today to schedule your initial consultation with us.