Is E-DUI Coming to Illinois?

Naperville distracted driving defense attorney, distracted driving, DUI-E, dangerous driving, texting while drivingWe all know and understand the dangers of distracted driving, yet the temptation is always just inches away. In Illinois, it is illegal to use any hand-held cell phone to talk or text, or to use any other electronic device while operating a motor vehicle. The state of Washington, however, has made the next transition to even more severe punishments and higher standards for those traveling with a cellular device in hand. For that matter, any distraction—including eating or smoking—can result in penalties. Many have concerns that these regulations will soon be implemented here in our home state.

What is Washington’s E-DUI?

Time and again we hear and read studies offering proof that distracted driving through the use of electronics devices creates more of a hazard than drunk driving. E-DUI is Driving Under the Influence of Electronics. The law solidifies the ramifications in which you can and cannot utilize a cellular or other electronic device. In short, anytime you are behind the wheel of your vehicle while driving through the state of Washington, your phone should be away. Even scrolling during the 30 or so odd seconds at a stoplight is against the law. Although the vehicle is not in motion at that time, the vehicle is likely not in park and lawmakers determined that the time at the stoplight is intended to scan intersections and roadways, not a phone. Although, cell phone usage is not the only behavior being singled out.

Residents and visitors of their state also receive secondary fines of $99.00 for:

  • Grooming;
  • Smoking;
  • Eating; or
  • Reading.

Should Illinois Residents Worry?

You may remember back at the end of April of this year when the Naperville Police Department coordinated with other agencies to create awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. During the aptly named "Illinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week," officers issued 200 citations and 159 warnings, with a significant amount of these being due to distracted driving. Officials have quickly moved distracted driving to the top of their list. Historically speaking, once another state has a proactive methodology of resolving issues, Illinois is typically not too far behind.

Use Your Phone to Call for Help

If there is one thing that a cell phone is good for in the car, it is to call for help when in need. For emergency purposes, the use of a phone becomes necessary. Once stopped, calling an attorney to ask for assistance is recommended.

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