Killer Emojis

murder, Naperville criminal defense attorney, criminal defense, emojis, criminal convictionA United States judge recently sentenced an Illinois man to nine years in jail for using emojis to give aid in the killing of a wealthy woman from Chicago who was on vacation in Indonesia. Court files describe how the defendant sent a “high-five” symbol to his cousin and his girlfriend after they murdered the Chicago woman by bludgeoning her to death with a fruit-stand handle. The killers then stuffed the body inside of a suitcase.

Lethal Advice

The prosecution's theory of the case was that the defendant offered the tips on how to complete the murder in exchange for a cut of the victim's inheritance money. The victim was the mother of the defendant’s cousin’s girlfriend. The state is seeking a nine to 11-year sentence.

The cousin, who actually carried out the murder, is currently serving an 18-year prison sentence in Indonesia for his part in the killing. The cousin's girlfriend is serving a 10-year sentence. An attorney for the defendant is arguing that because his client played a “minimal” role in the murder, he should receive a much more lenient sentence.

Mitigating Circumstances

After a trial has concluded and a defendant has been convicted by either a jury or sitting judge, the next phase is the sentencing hearing. The sentencing hearing is a very important part of the criminal process. This is where a knowledgeable and relentless Saint Charles criminal defense attorney will be able to offer what is known as mitigating evidence.

Trials do not only determine guilt or innocence. They also determine what one’s sentence will be if he or she is convicted. Defense attorneys offer evidence at a sentencing hearing to reduce their client's sentence as much as possible. If there is a victim of the crime, then they are also able to address the court and state what they believe the sentencing should be.

Illinois Criminal Defense

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