Man Accused, Claims he was Following Biden's Advice

For the most part, when the U.S. President or VP says something, people assume it is good advice. However, one man is being put in jail for following Joe Biden's advice. PamIn recent news, a man was charged with the crime of discharging his firearm and one count of illegal aiming. The 52 year old man pleaded not guilty and said that he was taking the advice of Vice President Joe Biden. According to The Blaze, he was reportedly attempting to scare away car thieves. In his mind, discharging his firearm was okay because he said he was following Joe Biden's gun advice, and therefore he should not be found guilty. The Blaze article included an alleged quote from Joe Biden telling his wife what to do if she wanted to protect herself. It made references to getting a shotgun, walking out on the balcony and firing two rounds. The man who has been charged in this case admits to discharging his gun to protect his property. As stated in the Blaze article, he thought someone was breaking into his car and in response, he attempted to chase the thief away. Like other Americans, he may have viewed Biden's gun advice as permission to discharge his weapon into the air. But he has learned that taking Biden's alleged advice to his wife to heart has its consequences. It is imperative that he hires a criminal defense lawyer to ensure the best possible outcome concerning his case. Being charged with a crime in Illinois can be a scary experience, particularly for one who feels he is innocent and his only crime was following the advice of someone the world views as a credible source. If you are facing a similar situation or have been charged with a crime in Illinois, contact an experience criminal attorney to fight on your behalf.