My Teenager Was Arrested. What Should I Do?

Naperville criminal defense attorney, juvenile defense, juvenile crime, juvenile justice system, juvenile justice system,Young men and women make mistakes. This is simply a part of growing up for many individuals. But when a teenager’s mistake results in an arrest, he or she can face life-changing penalties like large fines and incarceration. In this type of situation, it is in the teen’s best interest to start working with an experienced juvenile defense attorney as soon as possible. 

Stay Calm 

Hearing that your child has been arrested can be earth-shattering. Despite how you feel about the arrest, you need to stay calm and think logically. You child has been arrested, not found guilty. During the initial contact after your child’s arrest, assure him or her of his or her rights and responsibilities, such as the responsibility to be cooperative and polite with police, but the right to refuse to answer questions without a lawyer present. 

Know Your Rights

Your child has the same civil rights as an adult after an arrest, such as the right to avoid self-incrimination. Your child also has the right to call you after his or her arrest.

As a parent, you have the right to be notified that your child was arrested. Your child has the right to request that you be present during his or her questioning, but you do not have the automatic right be present during the interrogation. Rather, your child must request your presence in order for you to be there.

You have the right to secure legal defense for your child. As a minor, your child cannot post his or her own bail or enter a legally binding contract with a lawyer. You will need to do these things for him or her. 

Speak with a Juvenile Defense Lawyer 

The juvenile justice system is not the same as the adult criminal justice system. There are different terms you should understand, such as “adjudication,” which is used instead of the word “conviction” when an adolescent is found guilty of his or her offense.

The juvenile justice system is also far more focused on rehabilitation than the adult criminal justice system, and often, the court has more leeway in determining an appropriate sentence for juvenile offenders.

Speak with a criminal defense lawyer who has specific experience handling juvenile cases so you can develop a strong understanding of what your child is facing and what you can do as a parent.

Work with an Experienced Naperville Juvenile Defense Attorney 

When your child is facing a criminal charge, your job as a parent is to help him or her secure competent legal defense and fight the charge. Although it can be tempting to allow your child to simply face the penalties for his or her charge, this can have a permanent impact on his or her life.

Separate your feelings about your child’s choices from the immediate reality, which is that your child needs a Naperville criminal defense attorney. Contact our team at Law Office of Glenn M. Sowa, LLC today to set up your initial consultation with us.