Other Weapons Charges in Illinois

Other Weapons Charges in IllinoisWhile more attention is given to gun law violations, serious penalties are also given to those who violate Illinois’ other weapons laws. These banned weapons include stun guns and throwing stars, among others. Additionally, it is illegal to possess certain types of weapons depending on the property that you are on or even what you are wearing. If you have been charged with a weapons violation, you may be facing up to 30 years in prison if convicted of a class X felony. Weapons charges vary greatly on a variety of factors, however, and the charges you faced could well be dropped to a lower level felony or even a misdemeanor.

Prohibited Weapons in Illinois

Pursuant to Illinois code 720 ILCS 5/24-1, it is unlawful to possess, carry, manufacture, or sell any of the following weapons in Illinois:

  • Bludgeons;
  • Black-jacks;
  • Slung-shots;
  • Sand-clubs;
  • Sandbags;
  • Metal knuckles (or anything similar in composition to metal or brass knuckles);
  • Throwing stars;
  • Stilettos;
  • Switchblade knives or any knife that has a blade that opens automatically by a spring loaded button;
  • Ballistic knives, which is a blade that shoots forward by means of a coil spring, elastic composite, or compressed gas, excluding crossbows, compound bows, and spearguns;
  • Daggers;
  • Broken glass;
  • Razors;
  • Billy clubs;
  • Dirks;
  • Tear gas;
  • Stun guns;
  • Tasers;
  • Poison or noxious gas, liquid, or other material designed solely for personal defense (excluding pepper spray);
  • Silencers (for a gun);
  • Bombs or grenades;
  • Explosive bullets;
  • Sawed-off shotguns; and
  • Machine guns.

Unlawful to Carry Certain Weapons Wearing a Hood

Even lawful weapons, such as a gun that you have a legal right to carry, can be against the law depending on your clothing. For example, it is also unlawful to carry a pistol, revolver, taser, ballistic knife, or stun gun when hooded or masked in an attempt to conceal your identity. A violation of this law could result in a Class 4 felony, which carries a punishment of one to four years in prison, as per Illinois statute 730 ILCS 5/5-4.5-45. An extended term punishment, which may be given to previously convicted felons, is no less than three years, with a maximum sentence of six years.

Unlawful to Carry a Weapon in a Place Licensed to Sell Alcohol

Additionally, it is illegal to carry certain weapons, including firearms, stun guns or tasers, and other deadly weapons, in an establishment that is licensed to sell intoxicating beverages. Violation of this law is also a Class 4 felony, punishable by a minimum sentence of one year in prison.

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