Sandwich Woman Arrested for Making False Police Reports

In an article running in the DeKalb Chronicle, Annette C. Brown of Sandwich was charged Friday August 10, 2012 with making false reports to police.  Brown reported Tuesday that she had been beaten and raped by a police impersonator.  She faces three felony counts of disorderly conduct.
Sheriffs from Kendall County received and responded to a  911 call on Tuesday August 7, 2012.  When the Sheriff’s Deputies arrived, Brown, 33,  told them that she was pulled over by a man wearing “a blue police, fire, or security type uniform.”  She stated that the man then put on a mask, pointed a gun at her, and demanded she get out of her car.  She was then taken into the cornfield along the road, beaten, and sexually assaulted.  Brown’s attack supposedly occurred in the area of Griswold Springs Road  in an unincorporated area of Plano.
Not long after the report, the Kendall County Sheriff’s Department determined that Annette Brown was not assaulted and had falsified her police report.  The Sheriff’s Dept. came to this conclusion after gathering physical evidence, photographs, and witness statements.  Brown’s allegations were inconsistent and no evidence pointed towards an actual attack.  They also determined that there was no police impersonator involved in this or any other attacks, according to a news release from the Sheriff’s office.
Annette Brown remained under police supervision as she was treated at a local hospital, and subsequently will stay in custody of the Sheriff’s Office after her release from the hospital.  As of Friday a warrant has been issued for Brown’s arrest as well as a $10,000 bond.
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