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b2ap3_thumbnail_police-body-camera.jpgGov. Bruce Rauner has signed a new bill to address the issue of the use of force by police officers. Among other provisions, the law sets statewide standards for police body camera use, expands police officer training, requires an independent investigation of all deaths in which an officer was involved, bans chokeholds, and creates a database of all officers fired or resigned because of misconduct.

Body Cameras

The new law, Senate Bill 1304, does not require that police departments use body cameras. But if a department does choose to use them, they must follow state standards. Officers must keep their cameras turned on while responding to calls or performing law enforcement duties. They must turn the cameras on at least 30 seconds before any interaction with any member of the public, and must warn the public if they are being recorded. Cameras may be turned off if the officer is talking with a confidential informant, or if the victim or a witness requests it. The body cameras must be able to be record for a minimum of 10 hours.

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