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Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal law, stealing, Not all theft-related crimes are created equal. At the most basic level, when a person takes something from another person without his or her permission with the intention to not return it, they can be charged with theft. There are several other ways by which a person can commit a theft in Illinois. If a person does certain other things in addition to simply taking something or trying to take something, they can be charged with either robbery or burglary. For some people, the difference between robbery and burglary may not be clear.

What is Burglary

A burglary has a lot to do with the location of the crime. Under Illinois law, a burglary occurs when a person knowingly enters a building, a boat, a car, or one of several other structures or parts of them, and remains there without permission and with the intention to commit a theft or another felony. Note that while a theft is explicitly mentioned in the statute, it is not the only qualifying crime that can turn entering into a building without permission into a burglary; any felony qualifies. For instance, if a person breaks into another person’s house without permission, with the intention of sexually assaulting the house owner, then the person breaking in may be charged with burglary.

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