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felony DUI, DUI charge, Naperville DUI defense lawyers, DUI conviction, Class 2 felonyThere are a few circumstances under which an individual can be charged with a felony-level DUI in Illinois. A felony DUI charge is also known as an aggravated DUI due to the presence of one or more aggravating factors, facts about the incident that render it more destructive, more severe, or due to a greater level of malice or recklessness on the offender’s part. It is possible for one’s first DUI to be charged as a felony if there are aggravating factors present in the case.

The penalties an individual faces for a felony DUI conviction are far steeper than those for a misdemeanor DUI, the “regular” type of DUI conviction for first time offenders. For a felony DUI conviction, a defendant can face one year or longer in prison and thousands of dollars’ worth of fines. With any DUI conviction, the driver can also potentially have his or her driver’s license suspended or revoked. When a DUI is charged as a felony, the circumstances present in the case determine its charge level.

Class 4 Felony DUI

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