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sexting, St. Charles sex crimes defense attorney, criminal cases, child pornography, solicitationSexting is quickly taking the world by storm, and families, homes, and lives are left in the ruins of its aftermath. When the behavior occurs between two consenting adults, the result is often a rekindled flame or the ignition of a new one within the relationship. However, there is a huge age bracket of society participating in the potentially illicit activity. Participation is so common among teenagers that many seem to think it is harmless. That is, of course, until they face steep legal sex crime repercussions.

Sexting: A Beginners Guide

Perhaps you are a parent and want to know why your child is in trouble. Or, maybe you are a little curious yourself about this phenomenon. Years ago, adults used polaroids or found a private photographer if they wanted their significant other to have a special picture. Now, with the rise of affordable electronic devices that have photo and video capabilities, paired with messaging and data plans, the middleman and wait time is a thing of the past.

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