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St. Charles domestic violence defense attorney

Orders of protection are legally enforceable court orders that require a person to refrain from contacting certain individuals or being near designated locations. These orders are intended to protect victims of abuse, domestic violence, or stalking. However, protective orders are also vulnerable to being misused. Being the subject of an order of protection, sometimes called a restraining order, can be a confusing and embarrassing situation to handle. If you have recently learned that someone has filed an order of protection against you in Illinois, you may be completely unsure of how to respond. However, it is crucial that you take certain actions to protect yourself and avoid making the situation worse–even if the protective order is unjustified.   

Follow the Directives in the Order

Orders of protection can contain many different types of provisions. The protection order may require you to stay a certain distance away from the petitioner (the person who requested the protection order), as well as his or her home and workplace. You may be prohibited from calling, texting, or otherwise communicating with the petitioner. The order may even contain a requirement that you move out of your home.

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