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traffic stop, Illinois criminal defense attorney, police checkpoint, Getting stopped by the police may make some people nervous, even when they haven’t done anything wrong. In some cases, a police stop can be a quick encounter that takes minutes out of the day; in other cases, the stop could result in arrest. Whatever the reason for the stop, it is important to always know your rights as you encounter police officers.

Being Stopped by an Officer

There are two common situations in which the police can routinely stop you in an everyday situation: in a traffic stop and as you walk on the street. Police are allowed to stop you in both situations if they act in a reasonable manner, and can state a reason why they stopped you. In a traffic stop situation, the police can stop you if they see you commit a traffic violation, and will routinely ask you for your license and registration information. If the police stop you while you are walking in the street, they may ask you to identify yourself, and, in most cases, this is through asking for your I.D.

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