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Illinois Gun Law OverviewEvery state has different laws regarding guns and gun ownership. It is important to understand the laws in your area if you are planning to own and carry a firearm. Keep in mind that gun laws are constantly changing, so you should talk to a skilled gun charges defense lawyer to find out the most up-to-date laws in your area.

Purchasing Firearms and Ammunition

In Illinois, to buy firearms or ammunition, residents must get a Firearms Owner’s Identification (FOID) card, or have a concealed carry permit. In order to legally sell weapons or ammunition to someone, they must first present their FOID card or permit.

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illinois-weapons-lawAccording to the Chicago mayor, the current Illinois unlawful weapon law and punishment is not strict enough to combat gun violence across the city. Right now, a charged individual can face a prison term of up to three years if caught using a weapon unlawfully. Some, however, only serve half that time, and others go through probation or boot camp as part of the sentence. Being charged with unlawful use of a weapon is a serious matter, and it’s recommended that you contact a criminal attorney as soon as possible after you are charged. Mayor Rahm Emanuel says that the current law includes the same penalties that a person might face for shoplifting, so that’s why he’s supporting a bill that would increase the sentence to a three-year mandatory sentence minimum. This new law would also require anyone found guilty to fulfill 85 percent of their time in prison. Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy supports the measure, too. He argues that there are easily more than 100 examples of shootings and murders that could have been avoided if the bill were already enacted. The bill was also analyzed by the University of Chicago crime lab, where researchers determined that individuals on parole arrested for carrying a firearm illegally are four times more likely than other groups of convicted felons to be detained for murder. These individuals were also nine more likely to be arrested for a nonlethal shooting when compared with other convicted felons on parole. According to the crime lab, tougher sanctions can help to reduce incidences of crime and that this may be true for gun violence as well. Facing a weapons charge is a serious matter for individuals across the state. Consequences, including prison time, could change your life. Your future is important and how your case is handled can depend greatly on the attorney.  Trust your case to an experienced Illinois criminal lawyer today.

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gunEvery year, law enforcement agents seize guns from crime scenes.  These guns are often illegally obtained and used by criminals to commit crimes.  But the ATF has initiated a free database that tracks gun ownership from the first sale to any illegal activities.  The database tracks where the guns have been and can be helpful in solving crimes. Senator Dick Durbin has urged police departments in Illinois to report held guns to the database.  Less than half of law enforcement organizations in Illinois currently use the database.  Nationwide, one third of agencies report their recovered guns. The service itself is free and easy to use.  Unfortunately, it is not as useful without receiving information from the recovered guns.  This is why Durbin has introduced the Crime Gun Tracing Act.  It would incentivize the use of the database by only offering federal grants to those departments that report all their guns. "The information gleaned from a trace can help generate leads in identifying the person who used the gun to commit a crime and, when all guns in an area are traced, it can help law enforcement identify broader crime gun trends and trafficking patterns," Durbin said. "[This bill] will aid that fight by encouraging law enforcement to trace every single gun used in a violent crime." Illinois State Sheriff Tom Dart has also voiced his support of Durbin’s new initiative.  He sees the eTrace program as a way to spot patterns of how criminals get illegal guns.   Violent crimes are especially prevalent in the city of Chicago, where it seems like news headlines talk about violence everyday. If you are accused of killing another person, either intentionally or unintentionally, it is important to seek legal representation.  Homicide is the most serious offense and carries the largest potential penalties.  Don’t play around when the stakes are this high, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer in St. Charles today.

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