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St. Charles DUI Lawyer

In the state of Illinois, a DUI arrest is enough for the Secretary of State’s office to automatically suspend your driver’s license. If you fail a blood-alcohol chemical test, your license can be suspended for at least six months. If you refuse to take a blood-alcohol concentration test, your license may be suspended for at least one year. This suspension is called a statutory summary suspension and is separate from any suspensions or revocations that may result from a criminal trial.

Losing your driving privileges can be difficult, especially when you rely on your driver’s license to get to and from work or school, or to simply complete everyday tasks. Thankfully, Illinois has a few options for people who have had their driver’s license suspended or revoked. Both types of driving permits require the use and installation of a breath-alcohol ignition interlock device or BAIID.

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LauraAfter your DUI, you might be able to receive a monitoring device driving permit from the Illinois Secretary of State during your statutory summary suspension. This only applies to first time offenders in the state, who are classified as those drivers who have not received a previous statutory summary suspension in the past five years, those drivers who have not been convicted of a DUI or assigned court supervision as a result of a DUI in Illinois, and those individuals who have not been convicted of a DUI in another state within 5 years. An offender who receives this opportunity will be required to install a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device during the suspension period. Once this has been installed and the permit is approved, that individual is eligible to drive anywhere at anytime. The driving permit will not be effective until the 31st day of the suspension period. There are some situations in which a driver is ineligible to receive this driving permit. If death or serious bodily harm was a result of the DUI accident and arrest, the driver will be unable to receive a permit. Anyone who holds a commercial driver’s license will not be able to operate any CDL vehicle. Additionally, anyone under the age of 18 and offenders who have previously been convicted of Reckless Homicide or an Aggravated DUI that led to a death are not eligible to receive the MDDP. If this is your first offense and you are concerned about your ability to get around during your suspension, talking with your attorney about the possibility of an MDDP is a wise decision and one that can provide you with some level of freedom. Being arrested for a DUI can change your life forever, so it’s important to retain the services of a qualified Illinois DUI attorney immediately.

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