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Child Neglect and Child EndangermentChild abuse and child neglect are two entirely different types of offense, and while child abuse is typically a crime that is more heavily punished, child neglect can also end in a misdemeanor or felony charge, and a loss of parental rights. If you have been charged with child neglect, do not hesitate to contact an attorney at once.

What is Neglect?

Neglect happens when the parents of a child fail to provide their child adequate food, clothing, supervision, shelter, and other needs. For example, it would be considered neglectful to leave a newborn baby or toddler at home by themselves for any length of time, especially for hours or all day long. A parent would also be subjecting their child to neglect if they allowed the child to participate in very dangerous activities, such as driving a car or lighting illegal firecrackers. Allowing a child to do very dangerous activities might be considered child endangerment.

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