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Naperville criminal defense attorneys, online crimes, Internet crimesIn Illinois, lawmakers are considering a series of bills aimed at helping law enforcement officials more easily police and investigate online crimes. One such law, Senate Bill 2871, would prohibit juveniles charged with crimes from accessing their social media accounts before trial or during sentencing. Though the bill has received initial support, many have voiced concerns over its potential impact on the privacy rights of youths and their families.

Senate Bill 2871

If passed, Senate Bill 2871 would allow judges to hold pretrial hearings in order to determine whether a juvenile charged with a crime should be permitted to have access to his or her social media accounts immediately prior to trial and through the sentencing process. Furthermore, courts would also be granted the discretion to require juvenile offenders to give law enforcement officials and probation officers access to their online accounts. Youths would also be required to remove any depictions of firearms or dangerous weapons from all of their social media accounts. Theoretically, the law would allow police officers to search the online history of juvenile offenders in an effort to find information relevant to the crime.

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