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b2ap3_thumbnail_sales-tax-evasion.jpgA DuPage County man was recently indicted on theft and tax fraud charges for allegedly stealing over $391,000. The man, who managed a tobacco shop in Glendale Heights, is alleged to have understated his sales tax liability by filing fraudulent sales tax returns between August 2011 and July 2014. He has been charged with theft of government property, sales tax evasion, filing a fraudulent sales tax return, and wire fraud.

Sales Tax

When consumers buy products or services in Illinois, they owe sales tax to the state government. Instead of requiring consumers to track their purchases and pay sales tax directly to the Illinois Department of Revenue, sellers generally collect the tax and hold it in trust for the state. The seller must then pay the money to the state, generally on a monthly basis. If the seller does not pay the sales tax to the state, it is a criminal offense.

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