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St. Charles Scott's Law violation defense lawyer

So far this year, 16 Illinois State Police (ISP) troopers have been struck by moving vehicles while performing their duties. Three of them were killed, according to a report from FOX News. This is a result of motorists failing to move over for emergency vehicles. Illinois observes “Scott’s Law,” which was created after Trooper Scott Gillam was killed by a motorist who did not allow enough room while passing the illuminated police cruiser on the side of the highway. Violating this law is a traffic offense that is being taken more seriously now. Illinois State Police announced earlier this year that they would be utilizing hidden police vehicles to better apprehend Scott’s Law offenders and make the roads safer for emergency vehicles.

Who Does Scott’s Law Protect?

Originally, the law protected only police vehicles with their flashing lights illuminated, but in 2017 the law was updated to include all of the following vehicles:

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