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Naperville criminal defense attorneys, sexual assaultA bipartisan bill to encourage the reporting of sexual assault in Illinois has passed both houses of the Illinois legislature and will be sent to Gov. Bruce Rauner for final approval. The bill is intended to improve the response of 911 operators, first responders, and law enforcement to sexual assault victims through implementing training, policies and procedures. It is also designed to improve procedures for the transmission of sexual assault evidence from hospitals to law enforcement agencies.

Sexual Assault Reporting

The goal of the bill is to increase the rate of reporting and prosecution in sexual assault cases in Illinois. According to statistics by the Bureau of Justice, in 2014, only 34 percent of sexual assault cases were reported across the nation. Often, this is because victims do not assume that their stories will be believed. The bill is aimed at encouraging victims to come forward and report incidents of assault to the police and at increasing successful prosecution of assault cases.

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