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Illinois white collar crime defense lawyer

No one likes paying taxes. You see money being siphoned from your paycheck each month and dread receiving your tax return just to hear that you owe the government even more money. Unfortunately, there is no way to escape this aspect of “adulting.” Some individuals will use tax avoidance to try to lower their tax bills. This is not to be confused with the illegal practice of tax evasion. Avoidance is a legal method of structuring your finances and transactions to help you receive the largest tax benefits at the end of the year. While tax evasion may sound similar, it is actually an illegal attempt to cheat the system. In some circumstances, a person can unintentionally commit tax fraud as the victim of scammers.

Examples of Tax Evasion

Tax evasion is a type of tax fraud that could lead to someone spending time behind bars. Some people unintentionally commit tax fraud, but many offenders intentionally try to avoid their civic duties. Actions that could result in criminal charges include:

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