Understanding DUI Laws and Costs

DUI chargeDriving under the influence is a dangerous practice, but everyone makes mistakes. Often, the person facing DUI charges had no idea he or she was over the limit while driving. The truth, however, is that drunk driving carries serious penalties, which is why it is so important to hire an experienced DUI attorney to represent your interests.

What Leads to a DUI Charge?

In most states, police will charge a driver with DUI if his or her blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08 or greater. Depending on how the suspect was driving and his or her interactions with law enforcement, alcohol-related charges can result from BACs as low as 0.05.

Many people are learning how to estimate their BAC before they drive. This, however, can get drivers in trouble if they consume one too many. Every person's body reacts to alcohol differently, so it is always best never to drink before driving.

The Costs of DUI Charges

Driving under the influence can put the lives of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians at risk. Unfortunately, this thought alone is often not enough to dissuade people from getting behind the wheel. However, many people are responsible with their alcohol consumption simply because they understand how expensive a DUI can be.

According to Bankrate.com, the cost of a first-time conviction alone can amount to $20,000. This includes fines, lawyer fees, and the potential cost of mandatory rehabilitation services.

Sadly, the financial impact of a DUI charge can be much greater. Losing your license can make maintaining your job difficult, which may result in less income or unemployment.

Drunk Driving and DUI Defense in Naperville, IL

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