What Activities Can Lead to Identity Theft Charges in Illinois?

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As technology becomes a more and more substantial part of everyone’s lives, so does cybercrime. This can include hacking, identity and information theft, child exploitation, fraud, phishing, online and email scams, cyberstalking, and more. Because of the anonymity, people may feel when they are on the Internet, they sometimes look at cybercrime activity as more of a game. However, cyber crimes such as identity theft are taken very seriously by law enforcement, and an alleged offender is likely to face steep fines and even jail time.

What Are the Types of Identity Theft?

There are two types of identity theft: financial and criminal. While these are two different kinds of identity theft, they can both cause a great deal of difficulty for the potential victims, and because of this, prosecutors are likely to do everything they can in pursuit of a criminal conviction. In addition, these crimes often leave a digital trail of evidence, so a person facing these charges should be aware of what types of illegal activity they have been accused of and the potential effects of their alleged actions.

Financial identity theft involves a person allegedly obtaining someone else’s financial information through illegal means and using it to make unauthorized purchases. In some cases, an identity theft victim’s information may have been found because they were careless with their personal information, such as by leaving financial records in the trash. In other cases, data breaches in the computer systems of financial institutions have caused credit card, bank account, and PIN numbers to be released to the public. Credit or debit card numbers may also be stolen when devices called skimmers are placed on gas pumps and other places where credit cards are scanned. In addition, some people may have had financial information stolen when they volunteered it to alleged scammers through email or other online communications.

Criminal identity theft involves a person who is being investigated or arrested by law enforcement giving an officer someone else’s name. In some cases, law enforcement may believe that an alleged offender is using someone else’s identification or a fake ID. A person may be accused of altering an ID card to use their own photograph or otherwise using false identification to avoid having an arrest or criminal charges on their own record.

If you have been accused of identity theft, you should be sure to understand exactly how law enforcement believes you have obtained and used another person’s information. Identity theft charges often accompany accusations of the theft of money or property. Due to the serious consequences that can come with multiple criminal charges, it is essential to secure representation from a skilled attorney.

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