What are Reckless Driving Charges in Illinois?

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If you get pulled over for reckless driving, you may get more than a ticket. You could be taken into custody, which could mean your vehicle will be impounded. You may also have to post bail or stay in jail until it is time to appear before a judge. Altogether, it can be a costly criminal charge.

What is Reckless Driving?

According to Illinois law, the following scenarios can result in a reckless driving charge:

  • Driving a vehicle without any regard for the safety of people or property; or
  • Purposely causing a vehicle to go airborne by use of an incline in the road.

In other words, reckless driving can cover a wide range of offenses. If you are driving too fast, not paying attention to the road, or exhibiting road rage, you may be charged with reckless driving. The officer who pulls you over, or who arrives at the scene of a possible accident, may use their discretion when determining whether to issue you a reckless driving ticket or arrest you at the scene. 

Reckless driving is a Class A misdemeanor and a conviction can appear on your criminal record permanently. If found guilty of reckless driving, you could face up to a year in jail and have to pay a fine of $2,500. If the judge decides not to impose jail time, they can still put an offender on probation, which may require community service and/or traffic safety school. 

In certain cases, if reckless driving causes bodily harm or disability to another individual, it may be upgraded to a Class 3 or Class 4 felony, which means more severe penalties.

Can Reckless Driving Charges Be Reduced?

In some cases, an experienced attorney may be able to help get your charges dropped or your penalties reduced. A  judge has some leeway on what level of punishment they will impose. Your driving history could play a role, and you want to show up in court with adept legal representation. 

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