What is a Hardship License in Illinois?

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If you have had your driver’s license suspended, then you are undoubtedly counting the days until you can get it back. The inconvenience of living without a driver’s license can make every day more stressful. Tasks that were once simple, like driving to work or making a quick trip to the grocery store, are now an issue. You may have to take public transportation, if it is even available, or ask friends and family to drive you. No matter what your solution is for getting around, it can be not only an inconvenience but also embarrassing to have to ask for help and repeatedly explain the reason for your lost license. 

Suspended License in Illinois

There are many reasons a driver’s license may be suspended in Illinois, and drunk driving tops that list. Other reasons include being caught driving without insurance, not paying child support and numerous traffic violations. 

Applying for a Hardship License

If you are able to prove to the court that the loss of your license is a hardship to you and/or your family, you can apply for a hardship license, also known as a restricted driving permit, or RDP. While all your previously charged penalties will still apply, the hardship license can get you back on the road, legally, at least to drive to work, and perhaps a few other pre-approved places, such as daycare or school, and sometimes run a few errands. 

In Illinois, the process to apply for an RDP is straightforward. You can request an RDP in writing from the Secretary of State’s Office. You will also need to appear at a hearing and complete required classes or counseling. If approved, the RDP will allow you to complete necessary daily tasks, but you will likely be given a curfew and other restrictions. If you break the rules, your hardship license will be revoked.

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