What Is the Illinois Driver’s License Point System?

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When motorists are stopped by the police for speeding or other traffic violations, they may feel very anxious. Most drivers hope to receive just a “warning” to avoid the dreaded high-priced ticket police officers deal out to many reckless drivers. Despite the immediate relief of a warning, there can be serious consequences for frequent warnings or traffic tickets that extend past a one-time fee. Illinois drivers should be aware of the state's driver’s license point system and how it might affect their driving records.

What Does a “Point System” Mean?

Like many other states, Illinois has a point system that exists for traffic violations. These points act as a record of the number and severity of violations held by each driver. A person’s driver’s license acts as a record card for police officers to view their driving history. Every infraction results in added points to a person's grand total. According to Illinois law, three or more offenses within a 12-month period will result in the suspension or revocation of a person's driver's license, and offenses with a higher number of points may result in more severe penalties.

Drivers under the age of 21 will face license suspension or revocation if two or more offenses are committed in a 24-month period. The consequences can be different depending upon the number and severity of the charges. A person’s driving history is also taken into account. The point system can also cause car insurance rates to increase. If a driver has multiple serious infractions on their driving history, insurance companies are more likely to charge more money for premiums, since the driver will be considered a higher risk.

Examples of Point Distribution

The points range from 5 to 55 based on the type of infraction. Common 5-point offenses include failure to use turn signals, driving below the minimum speed limit, and driving 1-10 mph above the speed limit. 55-point infractions are much more serious. These include reckless driving, such as motorcyclists driving on one wheel or aggravated speeding in a school zone. Other offenses extend outside of the point system, requiring immediate suspension or revocation. Driving without liability insurance and driving during suspension periods are examples of infractions resulting in immediate license revocation.

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Understanding the Illinois point system is important for all drivers, especially those who have multiple traffic violations. Misunderstanding how Illinois infractions are recorded can make your life much more difficult, and it may ultimately result in the restriction of your means of transportation and significant increases in your insurance costs. At the Law Office of Glenn M. Sowa, LLC, we have decades of experience defending those accused of traffic violations in Illinois. If you need to avoid having points added to your driving record, contact our Illinois traffic violation defense lawyers at 630-232-1780 for a free consultation.