When Are Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices Used in Illinois?

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Many people know that being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) can result in the loss of driving privileges in Illinois. However, you may not realize that a motorist can receive a driver’s license suspension for a DUI arrest as well. If you fail a “Breathalyzer” test or other blood alcohol content (BAC) chemical test, you will face a six-month license suspension called a statutory summary suspension. If you are asked by a law enforcement officer to take a BAC test after being arrested, and you refuse to do so, your license could be suspended for one year. Driving with a suspended license can result in severe criminal consequences. Fortunately, some individuals with a suspended driver’s license may regain their ability to legally drive if they qualify for certain driving permits and install a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) in their vehicle.

Understanding BAIIDs

A BAIID is similar to a Breathalyzer device. It is a small piece of equipment that measures the amount of alcohol on someone’s breath and uses that data to estimate the person’s BAC. Once a BAIID is installed in your vehicle, you will need to submit a breath sample by breathing into the device whenever you want to turn on the car. If your BAC is above 0.25 percent, the ignition will not work, and the automobile will not start. If you submit a breath test that is below the BAC limit, the car will start normally. You will also be required to submit breath samples throughout the duration of your trip.

Do Not Attempt to Cheat a BAIID

Illinois BAIIDs are advanced pieces of equipment that cannot be easily cheated. Every time you submit a breath sample, the device takes a photograph of you. This is to ensure that you are actually the person who is submitting the breath sample. Rumors regarding ways to “trick” a BAIID continue to persist, even though these methods do not work. Using mouthwash, drinking water, eating certain foods, hyperventilating, or sucking on a penny will not allow you to circumvent the BAC requirements. The Illinois Secretary of State’s office frequently reviews BAIID photographs and other data. If a person is using a BAIID to regain driving privileges after a DUI charge, and he or she attempts to disconnect or misuse the device, he or she will face additional punitive consequences. These may include an increased license suspension period, vehicle impoundment, and more.

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