Woman Found Guilty of Filing False Police Report

A Naperville woman who tried getting out of paying a utility bill by filing a false police report has a guilty conviction on her record and has been ordered to perform community service as part of her sentence. KerryLast January, Pamela Greco, 43-years old, told police that someone stole her identity and used it to get natural gas service through NICOR at an address she said she never lived at. She claimed that whoever the thief was ran up a bill of over $500 that the gas company was now trying to collect from her. But when police investigated the incident, they found out that Greco did indeed live at the address and had made up the false identity theft story to get out of paying the bill. That’s when police charged her with a misdemeanor charge of attempted disorderly conduct/filing a false crime report. Greco already had several criminal convictions on her record. In August 2009, she pleaded guilty to a reduced, misdemeanor charge of attempting to obstruct justice using evidence and false information after being arrested and charged with prostitution in an FBI anti-prostitution operation. She received a year of court supervision and a fine of $357. In June of this past year, while awaiting trial in the most recent charges, Greco was arrested and charged with drunk driving interfering with police and failure to notify the Illinois secretary of state’s office of a change of address. She was again placed on a year of court supervision and also ordered to attend DUI school. Besides community service in the obstruction charge, Greco also was given another year of court supervision and a fine of $382. Although the crimes that Greco has been arrested and found guilty of are misdemeanors, having multiple convictions on your criminal record can hamper future endeavors, such as getting hired, admission into college, volunteer work, etc. It’s important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side in a courtroom when going up a prosecutor who knows the law. If you’ve been arrested, contact a qualified Naperville criminal defense attorney to make sure your rights are protected.