St. Charles driver's license lawyers

If you have had your driver’s license suspended, then you are undoubtedly counting the days until you can get it back. The inconvenience of living without a driver’s license can make every day more stressful. Tasks that were once simple, like driving to work or making a quick trip to the grocery store, are now an issue. You may have to take public transportation, if it is even available, or ask friends and family to drive you. No matter what your solution is for getting around, it can be not only an inconvenience but also embarrassing to have to ask for help and repeatedly explain the reason for your lost license. 

Suspended License in Illinois

There are many reasons a driver’s license may be suspended in Illinois, and drunk driving tops that list. Other reasons include being caught driving without insurance, not paying child support and numerous traffic violations. 

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Illinois drug charges lawyer

When a child has been exposed to drugs or witnessed drug use by their parent or caregiver, the adults involved may be charged with child abuse or neglect. Child endangerment may also extend to infants who have been born with drugs in their systems. Child abuse or neglect can include any of the following scenarios:

  • Drugs are being manufactured with a child present or in a child’s home;
  • Drugs are being sold or given to a minor;
  • Minors are present during the sale or sharing of drugs between adults;
  • Caregivers are under the influence of drugs and cannot properly care for a child; and
  • Drug manufacturing ingredients are being used or stored with a child present.

Child Abuse and Neglect in Illinois

Drug-related child abuse involves an adult caregiver, whether it is a parent or other household member, or even a babysitter, using, selling, or manufacturing drugs in the child’s presence or where the child lives. This does not mean only inside of the home, but also in the garage, other outbuildings, or anywhere on the property. 

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Illinois criminal defense attorneys

While it is widely known teens can be tried as adults in murder cases, they are sometimes tried in adult courts for drug violations or other crimes as well. Illinois is one of nine states in which anyone 15 years old and over could be automatically charged as an adult for certain drug-related crimes. 

Illinois also operates under a “once-an-adult, always-an-adult” law, meaning that if a juvenile has been charged as an adult on any crime in the past, they will be tried as an adult in every subsequent crime that he or she commits. It makes no difference what the crime is in this situation.

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Illinois DUI attorney

Just like an alcohol DUI, it is against the law in Illinois to be under the influence of any drug while operating a motor vehicle. In Illinois, a person convicted of drugged driving can face serious consequences. 

What is Drugged Driving?

If a person is pulled over or is involved in an accident, and it is discovered they are impaired by a prescription or illegal narcotic through field sobriety, breath, or blood test, it is considered a DUI. This includes legal medical marijuana cardholders who display signs of impairment or who fail a blood test.

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St. Charles assault lawyer

There is a wide range of sexual offenses in the state of Illinois, and all carry serious legal repercussions for a conviction. If you have been accused of sexual assault, sexual abuse, or some other sex crime, it is critical you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. Your outcome may depend on your legal representation, as these charges carry the potential for decades or even life in prison. 

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is generally defined as forcing or threatening another party to engage in a sexual act. An individual may be unable or unwilling to consent to an act if they are incapacitated, underage, or any number of other factors. In the case of aggravated sexual assault, a suspect may be accused of using a dangerous weapon during the attack, causing physical harm or life endangerment, assaulting an elderly or physically handicapped person, or additionally committing some other illegal activities beyond basic sexual assault. Predatory sexual assault of a child involves a victim under the age of 13.

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