The Illinois  Juvenile Justice System

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Children may enter the juvenile justice system because of an arrest, skipping school, running away, violation of curfew and even referrals from teachers and parents. Once this happens, they may face a system that is just as complex and intimidating as the adult criminal justice system.

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The Juvenile Justice Process

Much like the adult criminal justice system, the first step in the juvenile justice process is intake, where the prosecutor will decide whether or not to file charges against the youth based on factors such as evidence, the severity of the crime and prior criminal record. The prosecutor may decide to dismiss the case, handle the case informally or press formal charges.

An informal hearing will be held if a child admits to the crime and agrees to certain requirements, which may include monetary restitution, community service, school attendance or counseling. If a formal hearing is held, it may take place in either juvenile or criminal court, depending on what the prosecutor decides.
For a child, facing the juvenile justice system can be a frightening and life-changing experience. The best way to ensure that your juvenile defense case is handled effectively is to consult with an experienced juvenile defense attorney.

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