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In some cases, young offenders are tried in adult courts and are not given the same protections that they would receive in juvenile court. When this happens, court records remain open to the public and the defendant is subject to the same punishments that an adult offender would receive.

If your child is facing charges in adult court, you need a juvenile defense lawyer who can help you understand the implications of your family's situation.

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Regardless of age, some crimes may require that young offenders be tried as adults, such as for cases involving murder. This may also be the case if the juvenile in question has been previously convicted of a crime that would be a felony for an adult in the same situation.

The decision to try a youth as an adult is ultimately up to the prosecutor, but that action is usually reserved for crimes that are violent or sexual in nature. Other factors such as prior criminal record, mental health and previous rehabilitation attempts may also play a role.

Judges also have the right to move a juvenile case into criminal court, which usually stems from a request from the prosecutor or the child's parents. This decision requires a separate hearing to determine if the case is appropriate for adult court. If it's concluded that the youth will benefit from the juvenile court system, he or she will usually be allowed to stay there.

To learn more about how juvenile cases are transferred into the adult criminal justice system, speak with a skilled and experienced juvenile defense attorney.

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The possibility of a child's case being transferred into adult court can cause a lot of stress on a family. Ease some of your worry by consulting with one of our friendly, compassionate and skilled juvenile defense lawyers today.

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