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Depending on the crime, there may be a wide variety of consequences for sexual offenses, even if the crime committed does not have a clear victim. These offenses include things like prostitution, pandering, solicitation, illegal possession of pornography and indecent exposure.

For the more serious offenses, such as possession of child pornography or solicitation of a minor, the penalties may include incarceration, court-ordered treatment programs and registration on the Illinois Sex Offender Registry. Crimes such as indecent exposure, however, may only carry misdemeanor charges and may not include such heavy consequences.

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Often times, men get caught with solicitation during a police sting operation, where an undercover officer poses as a prostitute. Many of these cases involve individuals with no criminal history and who want to keep the matter private for the good of their families and reputation.

If you've been accused of soliciting a prostitute or pandering, you need to speak with one of our criminal defense attorneys today. We can help you dissect your interaction with undercover officers to determine what your best legal options will be.

The Consequences of Indecent Exposure

The crimes of indecent exposure or performing lewd acts are usually misdemeanors, but in some cases may be charged as felonies. When this is the case, individuals found guilty may be required to register as sex offenders.

Regardless of the offense, you should contact a sex crime defense attorney as soon as you feel you may be charged for a sexual offense. This will give your lawyer enough time to conduct an investigation and prepare your case for court.

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