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Mr. Donahue represented me in a class-X felony case with 10+ charges, a Class-1 felony case with 3 charges, as well as 3 misdemeanor cases (all 5 unrelated). I could not have asked for either a better lawyer or better man to represent me. As a teen at the time and facing potentially spending a majority of my life in prison, Jack Donahue resolved every case in a way that allowed me to salvage my life and youth, and to this day I am able to continue as a student and start my graduate/PhD work next year. Words in a review and 5/5 stars cannot express my gratitude, however I suppose it would be a start.

He is a man of outstanding character, and although I did not always like what he had to say about the status of my cases of the years, looking back I appreciate his brutal honesty. He never once sugarcoated anything and it prepared me for the severity of my situation. He actively got to know me as a person, and found a compromise with the state that he thought would be best for me. It certainly was. On another note, whenever he was unavailable (sick, out of the office on other cases, etc etc) his staff and partners at the firm treated me as if I was their own kid, and never once made me feel like a burden.

He is by NO means a $100 lawyer you might see on a billboard with trashy slogans and bright colors, but if you can find any way to pay for his services, than he is the lawyer you want.


I engaged the services of Glenn Sowa on December 2010 on behalf of my 19 year old son. My son was arrested and charged with three class X felonies and because of Illinois mandatory minimum sentencing, my son was looking at potentially a 30 year plus sentence if found guilty of the charges. Glenn Sowa discussed all the details with my son and we also enlisted the services of a private investigator to look into other aspects of my son's case. The final outcome of the case was that one of the charges was dropped and a second charge was reduced and a plea deal for 7 years of which my son will only serve 3 and 1/2 years. Glenn Sowa is well known by all prosecutors and well respected by associates within the defense attorney arena and in the counties that he works within. He is a wealth of knowledge and is quick to respond via phone or email at anytime and extremely tech savvy. He has an attention to detail and will discuss all possible options with his clients. Mr. Sowa is of impeccable character and I would highly recommend his services for anyone facing an criminal charges.


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