How to Handle Theft Charges in Illinois

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With an experienced theft defense attorney, you may be able to avoid criminal charges by negotiating civil restitution. Often times, when a prosecutor knows that the situation is being resolved in a civil manner, her or she will not pursue criminal charges. This will allow you to avoid jail time, probation and large fines.
If your case cannot be resolved through civil action, you may still be able to stay out of jail. To learn about your best legal options, call the Law Office of Glenn M. Sowa, LLC at 630-232-1780 or contact us online.

You need to be careful when potentially facing charges.

Because criminal theft charges are so serious, you need to act in your best interest when you've been accused of theft. Try to avoid answering any questions from police by politely explaining that you don't wish to discuss the situation without your attorney present. This is your right as a citizen.

If you've been placed under arrest, your top priority should be to place bail and speak with your attorney. You may be asked to plead to a lesser offense or to waive some of your rights, but you should not do so without first consulting a lawyer. He or she will be able to explain your best legal options in your situation and whether or not you should accept a plea bargain.

There are several different types of defenses against theft charges. To find the defense that will best suit you, contact one of our skilled theft defense lawyers today.

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