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If you're facing charges for a theft crime, you could potentially face a wide range of consequences, depending on the offense. A conviction could mean a large fine, probation or jail time. This all depends on the nature of the offense, the value of items stolen, your criminal record and a number of other factors.
To stand up for your rights as a defendant, you need an experienced theft defense attorney.

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Those convicted of a first-time offense can often avoid jail time, especially if the victim of the crime appears in court and tells the judge that they have been compensated for their losses. Still, if you're convicted of misdemeanor theft, you'll likely still have to pay a fine, perform community service or provide some other form of restitution for the crime you committed.

The number one goal of most defendants is to stay out of jail. In order to make this happen, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Penalties for Felonies

Theft crimes through the use of force are generally classified as felonies, as well as crimes that involve stealing items that have a very high value. Felony theft crimes carry heavier penalties than misdemeanors, including prison time of more than one year.

Three Strikes  Sentencing

If you've been convicted of a third felony, you may be subject to increased prison time through three strikes  laws. These laws were designed to increase the severity of prison sentences for repeat offenders. If you have a prior criminal record and are accused of a felony, you need a criminal defense attorney who will help you stand up for your rights as a defendant.

Social Stigma of a Criminal Record

Even after you've paid your debt to society for a theft crime, you may still face a social stigma and challenges in gaining employment. Once you've been labeled an offender,  it can be difficult to bounce back. Because many people view theft as dishonest, employers may be skittish about hiring someone with a criminal background, especially if they were charged with stealing.

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